PBS Web Series Creates Animation Out Of Rare Michael Jackson Interview

PBS has a web series called "Blank On Blank” in which they create animations to go with the audio of rare interviews of famous, influential people. Their latest creation highlights a previously-unheard interview of a 21-year-old Michael Jackson in 1980, just two months after the release of Off The Wall.

Animated by Patrick Smith, the clip gives a cute take on the interview; what makes the recording interesting is that Michael asked music journalist John Pidgeon to ask his questions through Michael’s little sister Janet (who was 13 years old at the time) as they sat across a table from each other (humorously animated as Pidgeon and Janet using a can and string).

Even though this sit-down took place before the height of his success, some of the answers Michael gave about his future came true, like when he mentioned that one of his goals was to unify the world through music. He also talked about being a perfectionist, and the one take it took to record “Ben.”

The "Blank On Blank" series also animated interviews with Tupac Shakur, Ray Charles, and Barry White, among others.

Listen to what else the late King of Pop reveals in the animation below: