Trey Songz Earns New Top 10 Hit With ‘Touchin Lovin’

Trey Songz has another top ten hit in the form of "Touchin Lovin."

Featuring Nicki Minaj and taken from his new album, "Trigga," "Touchin Lovin" became his fifth top ten on the Billboard Hot R&B songs chart last week.

"Trey Songz logs his fifth top 10 on Hot R&B Songs as "Touchin, Lovin" (featuring Nicki Minaj) jumps 14-9. The track recorded 727,000 streams during the tracking week, with 59 percent from YouTube, while Spotify logged 185,000. Songz locks down three top 20 spots on Hot R&B Songs, as "Foreign" dips 11-12 and "SmartPhones" climbs 22-20," reports Billboard.

"Touchin' Lovin'" follows singles like "Na Na" and "Foreign" along with Songz's previous collaboration with Minaj on "Bottoms Up."