Frank Ocean’s Father Sues Russell Simmons For a Whopping $142 Million

Who are you calling a deadbeat?

Frank Ocean’s father is suing Russell Simmons and his Global Grind website for labeling him a deadbeat dad.

In the $142 million lawsuit, Calvin Cooksey, who has been absent from Frank’s life since he was 5 years old, says Simmons' website has slandered his character by labeling him a bad father. He also cites the website didn’t do any fact checking – his real name wasn’t used.

According to TMZ, Cooksey also adds in the suit that he didn’t have the opportunity to raise his son because Frank’s "Money Grubbing mother" moved, and hid the boy from him.

Cooksey, who describes himself as a singer, writer and inventor, is suing for loss of future income.

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