Chris Brown Talks Ending Beef With Drake: “You Can’t walk Around Holding Grudges”

The kid from Tappahannock, Virginia continues to travel the road in becoming a responsible young man.

Since his release from jail back in June (2014), Chris Brown has been working very hard to rebuild his public image. His biggest focus has been his personal growth as a man, but he also has been very busy with charity work, and mending broken relationships, including former nemesis Drake.

Back in July (2014), Brown and Drake were captured in the studio together working on music. They also shared screen time during the ESPY Awards in July as both joined forces for a hilarious skit. These aforementioned events automatically delivered strong indications to the public that these two superstars has put their past behind them, and now Brown is speaking openly about their relationship.

As far as the two working together during the ESPYS, Brown told MTV News that Drake’s people reached out to him, but he welcomed the idea with open arm. “Especially after getting out of jail, going through whatever I’m going through, I just didn’t have any animosity towards anybody; I’m just focused on me and what I was doing,” said Brown. I just felt it was a great opportunity being that the ESPYS is such a prestigious award. I just wanted to bring light to the situation and just grow up. I’m 25, I’m not no getting younger. You can’t walk around holding grudges, looking over your shoulder, being negative all the time. I’m tired of being looked at as the aggressor, so for me, I just wanted to show my maturity.”

As far as squashing the beef over their former beau, Rihanna, Brown adds that it was an emotional-less make-up. “We young, so a lot of it ain’t like ‘let’s have a pow wow and sit down over tea and drink.’ We just was like ‘Oh what’s up, you good.’ It was already understood [and] didn’t need to be explained; It wasn’t no problem.”

Brown adds that his album was finished before Drake could make it, but says the two will be working on music together and will release it to the fans when they are both happy with the final product.

Brown adds: “Just working on music is something we’re gonna continuously try to do and make happen. I know it’ll be a big thing for the fans if they hear a song, but it gotta be the right song, for both of us at the end of the day.”

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