Jermaine Dupri On Music Industry, Labels: They’re Lazy?

Jermaine Dupri says the music industry has some major problems, including the fact that many of those making decisions are not connected to the music and their artists.

"They want the same results, but they want to do less work. That's what's going on at all these record companies. The record companies are doing less work. They don't have no street teams…. You know it, they don't have none of the sh*t that we had to support the projects and make the projects as big as they were (before). And they don't have an excuse why they don't. Now they're just making it sound like it costs too much money for a street team," Dupri told VLAD TV in a recent interview.

Stating that his idol is Berry Gordy, Jermaine Dupri went on to say that the fight isn't the same when a decision maker is not in the studio and has absolutely no accountability.

"Nobody's making music. Berry Gordy, he's my idol because he was in the studio and in the office. You take the music in the office and you fight for the music that you made. It's a difference," said Dupri. "When you're in the office and you're fighting for something that you ain't had no connection to, the fight ain't the same. I think that's what's going on in the music business. The people that are running the music business are no longer the people that are making the music.. The label heads are no longer accountable for the artists and that's where the problem is."