Usher to Open His Home For Michelle Nunnat/Bill Clinton Fundraiser

Usher has his hands involved in a lot of projects, and we’re not just talking music.

The Grammy winner will open his Atlanta, Georgia home for a Sept. 13 fundraiser for Senate candidate Michelle Nunnat, which is being touted by former President Bill Clinton.

Nunnat, a Democratic, serves as one of the Party’s best hopes for winning Senate seats previously held by Republicans. Clinton, the last Democratic nominee to carry the state of Georgia, has been charged with the important role of Democratic headliner in Republican-leaning, southern states where President Barack Obama receives low approval ratings.

This is not the first time Usher and Mr. Clinton worked with Ms. Nunn. In 2010, Ms. Nunn received an award for her charitable work as CEO of the Points of Lights Institute and co-founder of the HandsOn Network from the New Look Foundation, founded by Usher. He and Mr. Clinton co-chaired the event in Atlanta.

Usher and Ms. Nunn also worked together on recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.

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