Olivia Talks New Book ‘Release Me,’ Love & Hip Hop and HBO Drama

Olivia says she walked away from Love & Hip Hop (New York) and it appears that might have been a good decision.

Appearing on New York's PIX 11 this week, the "Walk Away" singer said viewers didn't get to know her on "Love & Hip Hop," they saw only what fit into a story line.

"You didn't get to see the real Olivia because we had to follow a story line. So you didn't get to know anything about me, just whatever we were talking about on that topic," Olivia told Pix 11 before adding that she was not fired. "I just was like I don't think this is what I want to do for the next step. I did three seasons. I only missed one season."

With a new book available now, titled 'Release Me,' Olivia also revealed what happened with her record deals, her upcoming album and a series coming to HBO in the near future.

"It absolutely was a release. It felt good to get things out ," Olivia told Pix 11 of her book, now available via retailers including Amazon. "I have a new show that I'm about to do. It's on HBO. It's called "The Family Business." So I'm a real actress. You can add that to the list now. It's a Black billionaire family and we have high end cars, we own a a luxury dealership, and we transport the paraphernalia in the cars. It's like "The Wire" meets "The Sopranos." It's crazy."

Watch the full interview below for details on Olivia's new album, including collaborations with Missy Elliott, Wale, Estelle and Luke James.