Ariana Grande Slam Nude Photo Reports, Readying Tour

Hundreds of celebrity nude photos leaked recently, and although rumors began circulating that some of the images showed the naked booty of hit-maker Ariana Grande, she confirmed that it's far from the truth.

Taking to Twitter, Grande writes, "to every1 going on about my "nudes" & my "m&g prices" neither are real! my lil ass is a lot cuter than that lmao," before shifting the attention to her upcoming trek; "tour details r comin soon."

Grande was said to be on the target list of an anonymous phone hacker, who claims to have possession of the photos.

Although the 21-year-old's rep denied that the racy images were her butt, Grande also reiterated her previous statement adding, "but forreal tho whoever thought those were actually me…… love u but I'm praying for u."

We're guessing the upcoming tour should be the only excitement now!

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