TV One Eyes Third R&B Divas Spin Off, Plus K. Michelle and Lil Mo Talk Reality TV

R&B Divas may be going to a new city in the near future. While it's not clear what city it may be, perhaps New York, a third round of the successful TV One series is on the table for discussion.

According to a just released Los Angeles Times article, the business of reality television is a win-win for many a network and artist.

"Unscripted TV has long made stars out of oddball personalities, it's also helped reinvigorate the careers of fallen stars — see Flavor Flav, Ray J and Kim Kardashian. Now, a slew of shows anchored by rising and veteran singers such as "Love & Hip Hop" and "R&B Divas" has become the genre's new normal," The Los Angeles Times reports. "…A third entry in the "R&B Divas" franchise is being evaluated, and Keyshia Cole is timing her coming album with her third reality series (her first, "The Way It Is," was once the most-watched program in BET's history after its 2006 debut)."

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, D'Angela Proctor, senior vice president of programming and production for TV One, says the shows are "a defibrillation process" that ultimately puts talent "back in the conversation."

"It's like they are still alive, but they are hanging on. At least that's the case for a lot of artists on our show," said Proctor. "When they first came into the industry, it was about music, but now they are having to reinvent themselves."

While R&B Divas has been successful, along with Love & Hip Hop, there is one particular artist that comes to mind as far as winning, taking the platform and using it effectively. That is K. Michelle.

Opening up about her success with "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Michelle, who is pictured atop the feature story, tells The Los Angeles Times "Nowadays, these kids don't care that you can sing. They want to see that personality. I definitely used that to my advantage, and it worked."

"I really didn't have anything to lose. I had just gotten out of a record deal … and it made me think, 'Wow, I don't have a brand.' I wanted people to hear my music, but I wanted to tell my story. I took it very seriously. I went in it saying this is not going to overshadow everything about my music. A lot of negotiating went into my story line. [I told producers] I'm not doing this scene unless you give me this scene with my music," she shared.

After two seasons of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" K. Michelle walked away with a new record deal, produced an album, went on tour, saw a chart-topping debut for her album, and later inked a deal for a musical (recently aired on VH1) and a soon to premiere series focusing on her career and friendships. She is also at work on a follow up to her album, "Rebellious Soul."

Other success stories with reality and music include "Braxton Family Values" and "SWV Reunited." Tamar Braxton, not only appearing on "Braxton Family Values," but a spin-off titled "Tamar & Vince," shared her journey, from recording to touring, and ended up with a solid debut for her album, "Love & War." She also earned several Grammy nominations and has a new season of "Tamar & Vince" coming up in October. Artists like Lil Mo, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, Meelah and KeKe Wyatt have also been able to push new music, including singles, EP and mixtape projects to fans and viewers alike.

"I've written a book, I've recorded an album, I've done a movie, I have a detox program, I have a hair line," Lil Mo shared. "For everything that the music industry didn't afford you, being on TV is a whole different opportunity and platform."

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