Chris Brown Receives Vevo Certified Awards, Talks Music Videos

Chris Brown has over 100 million views on Vevo.

Receiving multiple awards, the "Fine China" singer sat down with Vevo to reflect on his music videos and the process of filming them.

"My process is just listening to the music first, when I listen to music, I find inspiration or I see a vision already as soon as I hear the song. Music has no boundaries. Being able to listen to those songs and incorporate my style in my videos and have mine be different from everybody else's video is what makes me stand out. Being able to create that world of fantasy and its like, 'Man I did that. Wow'," Chris Brown tells Vevo in a clip below.

According to Vevo, Brown has not only reached 100 million views with his latest entry, "Loyal," but has eight other videos that have reached that same level of success.

"It's amazing to be certified on Vevo. I didn't know that eight of my videos reached 100 million, I couldn't believe this many people watched my stuff. It's amazing being able to see that and I'm just thankful for my fans," Brown told Vevo.