Trey Songz To Discover, Develop New Talent Via Tucker Songz Publishing

Trey Songz is putting talent and experience to good use with a recently confirmed publishing deal where he will discover and nurture new talent.

Partnering with Artists Publishing Group, Songz has launched Tucker Songz Publishing where he will work with not only aspiring artists, but songwriters and producers.

"As I grew as an artist, I had the opportunity to work with several well known producers and writers," Songz said in a statement. "I recognize that not everyone has access to that, but that they still have raw talent that can be harnessed into greatness. That's exactly what I intend to do with this new publishing company. I've seen Mike Caren turn small names into household names time and time again. We've made 6 albums together. We share a respect for each other's passion for music. I'm looking forward to learning and growing together in this business”.

Producer Sterling Brim and Forrest Tucker will serve as the prime liaisons within this venture alongside Songz and Caren.