Shh! No Talking: Mariah Silences Nick Cannon with Gag Order

Yesterday, Nick Cannon confirmed he and wife Mariah Carey are indeed separated, and sources claim a divorce is in the works.

It’s well known that Nick can have diarrhea of the mouth sometimes (it’s speculated that’s what got them into this mess, when Nick appeared on Big Boy's radio show last March and spilled the beans about every celeb he’s slept with), but now it’s being reported that Mariah is nipping his loose lips in the bud… with a legal gag order!

According to TMZ, estranged couple have agreed upon a confidentiality agreement, which forces Nick to be silent on all things break-up/divorce or suffer financial fines. However, the agreement allegedly gives Mariah the freedom to speak about and/or announce the split on her own terms.

Mariah has always kept her personal love life under wraps, and Nick notoriously japs his jaws with too much information sometimes, so this may be the best thing. Both have earned a hefty coin, so we hope a pre-nup is in place if a divorce is pending, but we also hope things can be mended, especially for #DemBabies!