Isaac Hayes Family To ‘Unvault’ Previously Unreleased Music

Family of late music icon Isaac Hayes are ready to un-vault previously unheard recordings and compositions.

Breaking the news this week, Hayes family, including his son, Isaac Hayes III, have created Isaac Hayes Enterprises and hope to not only digitize hundreds of masters, but work with others, including producers, to further Hayes legacy.

“The bridge between current culture and my dad’s legacy and heritage that I have and the connection with him and his music is a definite advantage,” Hayes told Billboard. “Musically, just being in the industry and the amount of relationships that I have — I always say that I’m a relationship guy — I’m excited because I know so many people. And even having met so many people that I know are relationships that my father had that I might be able to continue or build upon with respect to who he was as a person, it’s good.”

“I think the job of any celebrity’s estate is to find their place in pop culture to continue the legacy, whatever that is,” he adds. “Whatever essence of my father that some 17-year-old can find in his music is the job that I have to do. Someone who is that young is not going to necessarily know the music in the same way that my parents knew it or that I know it, but the essence is still there. You have to find that bridge.”

As part of the extension of his father's brand, Hayes III is also looking at merchandising opportunities, a tribute album, licensing opportunities and the relaunch of his father's Hot Buttered Soul label.

He will also play select excerpts of material for performers, producers and music elite during a private event in Atlanta during the upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards weekend.