Keyshia Cole Talks Music Industry: ‘I Appreciate iTunes’

Keyshia Cole believes that women are beginning to dominate music today. Sitting down with HuffPost Live for a recent interview, Cole discussed the industry today and why she appreciates things like iTunes.

"I appreciate iTunes because before, when an album wasn't on the shelves anymore, you just can't get the album any more. Or you gotta dig it up or go find it in the used bin. Now you can always get "Love" by myself or "I Changed My Mind" or "I Should've Cheated" or all these songs that I came out with ten years ago. I think that's the upside to iTunes," Cole told HuffPost Live.

Asked about entering the business at a young age, being forced to appear a certain way and becoming who she is today, Cole said "I've become who I am now and its (been) a process for me."

"Some artists start off like that. Some record companies put millions and millions of dollars to make an artist this kind of artist because this kind of artist sells records. But at the same time I have to understand what my fans want. And who they are to me. And what I am to them. And that's what really makes me who I am," she added.

As for returning to reality TV with a new BET series, Cole told HuffPost Live that reality is a way to connect with fans.

"I think that's the connection that my fans and I have, for them to be able to see everything that I've been through or am going through," she said before admitting that her husband, Daniel Gibson, doesn't want anything to do with cameras going forward.