Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Biopic Wraps: Actor Says ‘It Does Her Justice’

Production of Lifetime's Whitney Houston pic has wrapped. According to actor Arlen Escarpeta, who portrays Bobby Brown, the biopic does Houston justice.

"I really do feel like it does do her justice, and at the same time, I do understand their reservations," Arlen Escarpeta told THR this week adding that he understands Houston's family objecting to the project. "That's close to home. That's family. You have to respect family when it comes to matters of the heart. Respect to those guys absolutely. I understand that you do want to keep a bit of distance. If and when they do see the film, they'll see it came from a place of love."

As for Angela Bassett, who directed the biopic, Escarpeta says she was "phenomenal."

"Angela Bassett is such a phenomenal director … and to tell that story from the inside out was a pleasure," he said. "We shot the film with love, we approached it with love and I really feel like we have something special there. Yaya [DaCosta, who's playing Houston] did a phenomenal job … I have no complaints. I'm truly head over heels just blessed and happy."

A premiere date for the biopic has not been announced.