Chris Brown Breaks Up With Karrueche, Calls Her An Opportunist?

Is Chris Brown's longtime girlfriend, the woman that seemingly stood by his side through everything that he's been through, an opportunist now? According to sources she is and that is why Chris Brown has decided to break up with her.

"Chris is shocked Karrueche’s people leaked a story that she dumped him (last week), allegedly because of a never-ending obsession with Rihanna and refusal to act like an adult. But Chris’ people tell us he found out she was texting and sending photos to other guys while they were together. He was also furious she did interviews for her clothing line and talked about their relationship. In a word … Chris decided she was an “opportunist” and dumped her," reports TMZ.

As seen in July, Karrueche sat down with KeKe Palmer on her new BET show. During the interview, which followed a hosting gig with BET in June, Tran discussed her relationship with Brown and how she felt about Rihanna being his ex.

"Not only am I fighting a battle with her. I'm fighting a battle with her 14 million fans… Imagine how that feels for me. They make up all kinds of crazy stuff and they know nothing about me," Karrueche told KeKe Palmer.

In related news, Chris Brown is focusing on the upcoming release of his long awaited album, "X," which is now due for release September 16. As pictured, Brown is also in the studio working on new music.