Brandy On Next Album: ‘I Just Wanna Be Truthful, I Don’t Care About Fitting In’

Brandy is looking forward to presenting a new album in the near future.

Following songs like "Without You," "Scared of Beautiful" and "Paint This House," Brandy sat down with Oprah for "Where Are They Now?" and admitted that she has lost her way with music and is now finding it on her new album.

"I'm so excited about the next album. I just don't care about hits or fitting in. I just wanna be whatever I'm supposed to be…. Not think about all of the things that don't really matter. I just wanna be as truthful as I can in my music," Brandy shared with Oprah. "I think that's been my problem. The moment I started to try to fit in, I lost my way. (Now you're finding it?)… I'm finding it."

Looking back at her journey Brandy also says that she's learned a lesson. When asked what took her the longest to learn, Brandy told Oprah "That it's not about me. I'm just a vessel for God."

"When you're young it's all about fame. It's about being popular or recognition," said Brandy. "Now it's about service. It's a different thing."