Montell Jordan On ‘Unsung’: The Struggle With Alcohol, Women and Marriage

Montell Jordan struggled with alcohol, women and marriage at the height of his music career. Opening up about his struggles and triumphs, Jordan appeared on the season premiere of "Unsung" (TV One) Wednesday night.

"I dealt with alcohol. I dealt with women. It was always in abundance made available to me," Jordan confessed during the half hour premiere.

High on the success of his hit single "This Is How We Do It," Jordan hid his actions, and affairs, from his wife until a friend threatened to tell everything. When that happened, Jordan decided to open up about about everything because he didn't want anyone else to tell her.

"When I told her she left the house. Her initial thought was I gotta get out of here so I don't kill him," Jordan said on "Unsung."

Despite what was said and done, Jordan's wife ended up staying with him after "laying at the alter and crying to the Lord," who she claims told her to stay.

"I had to share with her everything that I had ever done. Every woman I had in the bathroom stall… anything that I could think of I told my wife."