Keyshia Cole Talks Divorce, Drinking In The Studio and Cheating on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Keyshia Cole says she got drunk and drunk and drunk while recording her new studio album, "Point of No Return."

Appearing on "The Breakfast Club" Wednesday, the "She" singer said it's sometimes hard for her to say what she feels.

"I got drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and now I’m like sober. Every time I’m recording like that, I get loaded. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to say how I feel," Cole said, also claiming that her new song, "She," is about self worth and empowerment.

Asked about her relationship status, Cole said "I'd rather not answer that" when asked if she has been with a woman (due to rumors). She did however go on to discuss the demise of her relationship with husband, Daniel Gibson, and allegations that he cheated on her with rapper Diamond.

"If you smashin' the homie, you smashin him. Don't be cool with me one day and then cause you smashed my ex, it's like you don't want to talk to me no more," said Cole. "Men need to stop cheating, chile, ‘cause it just hurts so bad. That’s what causes you to get your mouth almost smacked off, especially if you do it more than once, twice…'"

"It has to stop after (the third time)," Cole told The Breakfast Club. "You're not learning and I don't think you want to…"

As widely reported, Gibson has expressed remorse about his alleged infidelity and does not want to get divorced, but Cole says he should have thought about all of that before.

"If you really feel like that in your heart,in your soul as a person, as a man, as a father, I know people make mistakes, but you gotta think about those kind of things because ultimately it's not worth it," said Cole.

Watch her full interview below: