The Voice Winner Tessanne Chin on Album Sales, Tour and Promotion

Tessanne Chin, the Fall 2013 winner of NBC's The Voice, wowed millions of viewers with her talent last Fall, but only 7,000 copies of her debut album were sold during the first week of release.

Giving her honest opinion about the release of her album and promotion of it, Chin sat down with THR and said she's very proud of the work she's done and plans on promoting the album further.

"It's hard not to, because my fans are very passionate and vocal about what someone says or what people may think. So at the end of the day, I'm at a place of positivity. I can't pay attention to what everybody has to say, whether it's good or bad. Me and my team, we work very, very hard, so I'm very proud of the album that was released," Chin told THR when asked if she keeps an eye on sales.

Acknowledging that her album was met with a quiet reception, Chin went on to say "we couldn't help that it was a quiet release, but we certainly can help that we have opportunities like The Voice Tour to sing around the world and tell more people about it."

"You know, it's a very curious position when you're coming off a show like The Voice and become an artist, as opposed to when you've been signed as an artist — it's a different thing because you're working with impossible deadlines. [Laughs.] We did our best album. I believe it's something very special and that when people do get the chance to hear it, they will feel the same way," said Chin.

"After The Voice Tour wraps, we'll be going full speed ahead on promotion of the album. That's where my heart is right now! I'll probably go home for a minute just to catch my breath, but like I said, I'm making the best of a situation where The Voice Tour is concerned by working to spread the word every single night, wherever we are [with interviews and local appearances]."

Chin is not the first winner of "The Voice" to be met with quiet reception. In fact, there have been very few winners of the show, despite being watched and voted for by millions, that walk away with a well selling and acclaimed debut album.