SWV Ready New Album on ‘SWV Reunited’ Season Two

SWV is back in the studio on the upcoming second season of their WE series, "SWV Reunited."

According to WE, the sisters with voices are not only working out their internal issues with each other, but are attempting to wrap an album that they are obligated to finish.

"Coko, Taj and Lelee are still plagued with problems from their past and present. Continuing to deal with management issues, the ladies are obligated to record a new album which means setting aside their differences and coming together as a creative unit. The pressure to make their album a success leads them to return to therapy forcing the ladies to dig much deeper into what’s driving them apart," reports WE. "But while Taj and Lelee are open and excited to finally hash out their differences in a neutral environment, Coko feels that therapy is just another way for them to gang up on her. Plus, the reveal of a longtime secret by one of ladies only adds more fuel to the already intense fire. Will all of the tension and pressure bring them closer or tear them apart?"

In related news, WE has kicked off a web based series titled "In Between," which features short episodes leading up to the season two premiere. In each episode, fans get to see what the group is going through, including conversations about Coko's Gospel music endeavors, LeLee's interview on "Bethenny" and a health scare for Taj.

"SWV Reunited," season two, premieres Thursday, August 14 at 10/9c on WE.