Must-See Footage! YaYa In Action As Whitney Houston (Video), Plus Houston Fam Reactions

Just like the Aaliyah move, the Angela Bassett-directed, Lifetime Whitney Houston movie is moving ahead, despite the controversy.

To get you caught up, Whitney Houton’s family has disapproved, saying Houston’s star was too bright to merely grace the small screen. Also, her daughter Bobbi Kristina has (no surprise) publicly shared her disapproval via Twitter of the film, even suggesting that she should play her late mother. In a series of tweets last month, Kristina wrote:

“Ha MsAng “bassketcase” has such a damn nerve. My lord, at least the world doesn’t mistake me for the wrong sex..[sunglasses emjoi] she has #XtraEequipment…When I win my first Grammy or Oscar, *Shrugs* hmm whichever comes1st, I’ll be sure 2shout URname out b-tch ! hahUrTestResults= MALE. Lmao [crying laughing emoji].”

Wow…just wow…

However, more recently, Entertainment Tonight went behind the scenes and spoke with Bassett, DaCosta, and Deborah Cox, the singing voice of Houston in the movie. Bassett addressed Kristina’s comments: “I respect anyone’s feelings and truths. So I mean, I can understand it. I can understand it. She adores her mother. And in this process, I lost my mother so I get it. And I love Bobbi Kristina.” In a past interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bassett also stated, “I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft.”

Along with the interviews, ET obtained some footage of YaYa Dacosta in character as Whitney. To stay focused on what may be her biggest role to date, the former America’s Next Top Model runner-up said she avoided all social media. “I kind of shut off all social media because I didn’t want to be distracted by the, you know, the expectations, you know the naysayers.”.

The film (set to premiere in 2015) will focus on Whitney’s relationship with R&B singer Bobby Brown (played by Arlen Escarpeta), but Houston’s mother Cissy Houston is also upset about the film’s production: “No one connected with this movie knew Whitney or anything about her relationship with Bobby,” she told ET.

Check out ET's story below and sound off…now that' you've seen this footage, what are your thoughts on the pending production?