Braxton Family Values Season 4 Premiere Set

The premiere date for season four of "Braxton Family Values" has been set.

According to WE, the sisters are returning with an explosive season premiere that threatens not only their family album, but their family unit as a whole.

"When viewers last left the Braxton sisters, the ladies agreed to leave their differences behind them and move forward with their lifelong dream of recording a Braxton Family album together. However, feelings quickly resurface, leading to an all-out explosion in the season four premiere of WE tv’s hit original series. This shocking moment is just the beginning, with the drama-to-come threatening not only their album plans, but unraveling the Braxton family unit," reports WE.

Slated to premiere Thursday, August 14, followed by season two of "SWV Reunited," "Braxton Family Values" picks up with Toni Braxton's opening night on Broadway and Tamar Braxton's 37th birthday.

"Touted last season as ‘Guilty Pleasure Gold’ by Entertainment Weekly, season four of Braxton Family Values opens with the whole family gathering to catch Toni’s opening night on Broadway and celebrate Tamar’s 37th birthday. While the sisters have agreed to put the past behind them and look towards their future, beneath the surface, tensions are still running high. Toni skips Tamar’s birthday party in favor of resting up for opening night, and Tamar is disappointed. The feuds continue to escalate during the New York trip, until Towanda reaches her breaking point, and her epic meltdown leaves the rest of the family dumbfounded. They realize that before they can work on a family album, they must first figure out how to be in the same room together! If their sisterhood can survive the recording process, will their Braxton album finally be their family’s dream come true, or their worst nightmare?" reports WE.

"Braxton Family Values" premieres Thursday, August 14 at 9/8c on WE.