August Alsina on Not Splurging Like Some New Artists: “When I Come, I Gotta be on Some Boss Material”

Unlike so many other artists or athletes, who make their way to bankruptcy court, August Alsina knows what it is to spend within your means.

Even when around rich friends like R&B artist Chris Brown and rapper Tyga, he is very cautious because he knows where he is going and he’s laying low and waiting for his time.

“I’m always very cautious of what I choose to do,” August told L.A.’s Power 106 'The Lift Off.'

He adds: “I was with Breezy (Chris Brown) and Tyga the other day and I was riding in Tyga’s Maybach and Breezy was in the Lambo … We hopped out and Breezy was like ‘Lil bro, you gotta get you one of these.’” A laughing August replied, “I know I gotta get me one of these,” but insist, “I ain’t rich like y'all yet.”

August details his reasons for not “splurging,” especially in a city like L.A. where you're either a "bum" or "balling."

“You got to know where you are in your life and you got to be very aware of where you’re going,” he says. “I’m just very aware of what I’m doing … I see a lot of people out there splurging … you see a lot of new artists come buy chains, cars, this and the third … when I come, I gotta be on some boss material … I’m just taking my time.”

Kudos to you August! Teach these youngins!

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