Sandra St. Victor – Pull Your Pants Up

Sandra St. Victor has a message for young black men (and some adults), “pull your pants up playa.”

In the music video for her latest single "Pull Up Your Pants," taken from her new EP, Eternally: Oya's Daughter Remixes, the singer-songwriter and some supporting females take on the task of telling black men to pull their pants up along with soliciting them to stop the slanging and gun violence.

“You know I've been over the pants thing for a minute…. I tried wishing it away, then willing it away, praying it away, all to no avail,” St. Victor says about the song and video. “A little low swagger is cool, but when you need to hold your pants up and hobble to cross the street, your pants are too low. Let's face it anyway, it's about as sexy as my plumber bending over to unclog my drain!”

LOL… “Pull Up Your Damn Pants” [Kevin Hart Voice]!

Sandra St. Victor has recorded with greats like Curtis Mayfield, and legends like Prince, Chaka Khan, and Tina Turner has recorded her songs. In addition, she has also toured with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ziggy Marley.

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