Marsha Ambrosius ‘Friends & Lovers’ Album Projections Revealed

Marsha Ambrosius is set for a return to the R&B albums chart next week thanks to the release of her new album, "Friends and Lovers."

Led by the singles "Run" and "Stronger," the album was released Tuesday and is projected (according to HDD) to move 14-16,000 copies first week.

Featuring collaborations with Dr. Dre and Charlie Wilson, "Friends and Lovers" is a follow up to Ambrosius' well received "Late Nights & Early Mornings."

"Late Nights & Early Mornings’ was the introduction to this one. I got to meet some friends and lovers that I speak about on this album," Ambrosius shared with The Boombox in a recent interview. "It’s very sexy. So I employ you not to play it for anyone that you’re not trying to ‘do it’ to. Don’t blame me later when you’re on some ‘I love you’ stuff."