Lifetime Movie: Whitney Houston’s Singing Voice Will Be Performed By Who?

So now that the Angela Bassett-directed Lifetime movie about the late Whitney Houston is underway with YaYa DaCosta as Houston and Arlen Escarpeta as Bobby Brown, another piece of the puzzle has been revealed — the person who will play the singing voice of Whitney.

You see, the actress YaYa doesn’t sing, and so what’s a production to do? Cast Deborah Cox! A Lifetime rep tells E! News, "music rights and clearances are still being worked out," but Cox will be providing the "vocal tracks."

Cox, a powerhouse in her own right, has been recruited to record the singing parts of the film for DaCosta to lip-sync to. The “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” singer is one of the few people who can hit those strong, high notes as effortlessly as Whitney did. And if you recall, Cox and Houston collaborated on the song “Same Script, Different Cast.”

What do you think, Roomies…good choice?