Angie Stone Leaving R&B Divas After Consulting With Pastor, Talks ‘Professionalism’

Angie Stone is officially done with "R&B Divas Atlanta." That is at least according to a rep for her, who says the "Brotha" singer consulted with her pastor and church and decided that going forward is not in her best interest.

"[Angie] walked away from the reality TV show R&B Divas: Atlanta due to the lack of professionalism on behalf of production crew and she did not want to associate herself with that type of behavior and tricks of the trade. She was to be the voice of reason brought on under false pretenses and after speaking and consulting with pastor and church, it was not something she choose to allow in her life," Stone's rep shared with Rumor Fix.

As for rumors about her boyfriend, Ashanti, carrying on a relationship with a member of the production team, the rep went on to add that a line was crossed.

"Crossing the line of professionalism … Pursuing a man who is in a committed relationship is disturbing on a multitude of levels," said the rep. "Stone has been in this business for some 30 plus years, and will not allow anyone to attempt to tarnish her career or reputation, bottom line."

As seen on part two of the "R&B Divas Atlanta" reunion last week, Stone walked off set and returned just to say that she was "resigning" from the show. That same day a story was published on The YBF detailing the alleged affair that Ashanti carried on with an R&B Divas Atlanta staffer.