Babyface Talks New Album, Eyes Fall For New Single

Inspired by recent collaborations with Barbra Streisand, Toni Braxton and Aretha Franklin, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds is ready to release a new album of his own.

Slated for release early 2015, fans can expect to hear the first single this Fall.

"I've been putting things together off to the side, as I always do, and I'm getting ready to beam in on it this summer and have it done by this fall," Babyface, who will be performing during Tom Joyner's annual Family Reunion event in Orlando Labor Day Weekend, confirmed with Billboard.

Direction wise the upcoming album will have some uptempo energy thanks to inspiration from touring with artists like Frankie Beverly and Charlie Wilson.

"It's musical. It's not necessarily a completely slow album. It's got a groove to it — not dance music, just a groove to it. I've been out on tour not just with Toni but with Frankie Beverly and Charlie Wilson and Kem and those guys, who [release] not just commercial records but things that just feel good. And that's inspired me to do a very musical record, which I've always tried to do, anyway," he confirmed.

The forthcoming album will be Babyface's first solo effort to be released in seven years.

His last, "Grown & Sexy," was released in 2005.