Jackson Family In-Law Alejandra Jackson Prepping Reality Show

Well this should be interesting…

Alejandra Jackson, ex-wife of Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, will get her own six-episode reality series to premier on the Reelz network this fall and will focus on her and her five children. So, just who is Alejandra Jackson, you ask? This is where the scandal lies….

Alejandra was with Jermaine’s bother Randy first, with whom she has two children with, Genevieve and Randy Jr. She then began a relationship with Jermaine, whom she eventually married (and since divorced) and had two sons, Jaafar and Jermajesty (that makes her children siblings AND cousins). She also has another son named Donte (whom was first adopted by Katherine and Joe Jackson) and all five children will appear on the show.

Shortly after Michael’s death in 2009, Alejandra and her children moved out of the infamous Jackson family compound in Encino, insinuating they were kicked out. According to Billboard, the in-laws want the world to know their side of the story because for so long they were “very sheltered,” they tell Billboard. “We had to watch what we said."

The Jackson family has held the world captive with their eccentric, flamboyant lifestyle for decades now, so this should let people in even more on the secretive-yet-not-so-secretive musical family.

The series (whose title is yet to be revealed) will debut on Reelz on November 18th.

Who’ll be watching?