Jermaine Dupri on New Jagged Edge Album: ‘You’re Gonna Love This’

Jermaine Dupri is feeling real confident about new music from R&B group Jagged Edge.

Following confirmation of their forthcoming album, Dupri spoke with Rap Up TV recently and said there really is no competition.

"If you like J.E. Heartbreak, you’re gonna love this new album. We don’t really feel like we have no competition in the R&B world. When I say that I’m talking about real ballads, music that people actually have sex to. I just don’t believe that nobody cares about that area no more and we’re getting ready to really, really kill it," Dupri shared.

Slated for release later this year, "J.E. Heartbreak Too" is led by their new single, "Hope," which they performed at the Essence Music Festival.

"We felt like at this point it was the record that's most familiar to our fans in terms of what we do," Brandon, of Jagged Edge, told Vibe. "The creative process right now—we all have been on one before, but we're on one [Laughs]."

"J.E. Heartbreak Too" is due for release this September.