New Edition and Joe Raise The Roof in Brooklyn

On Sunday, June 29th, it was a special evening for Brooklyn natives. One of the greatest bands in R&B history, New Edition, along with R&B veteran Joe, stepped center stage at the Barclays Center, located on Atlantic Avenue. It was the perfect concert to get fans ready for the 4th of July weekend.

The setting: Fans were definitely dressed for the occasion, women wearing outfits to accent their curves and men were well-groomed for their lover’s as well. From grown and sexy to the young, this was a moment to relive some of the best eras in music; New Edition is considered to be the "Jackson 5 of the 80's and early 90's" while Joe is the love-making king.

Off with a bang: R&B superstar Joe kicked off the party by performing his smash hits, "Stutter," "Ride With You," "Don't Wanna Be a Player (Big Pun version)," and slow jams, "The Love Scene," “More & More," "All The Things Your Man Won't Do," and the number one single, "I Wanna Know." While he was performing for his fans, Joe was completely overjoyed by the love he received from the audience while being an opening act for NE.

Maintaining the hype: While New Edition were making their way to the stage, the DJs played popular party anthems that will make people wild out on the dance floor. Records were played from Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Marley Marl, Jeff Redd, Run DMC, KRS One, and more.

The Turn Up: Fans were standing on their feet, clapping their hands, and screaming from the tops of their lungs when New Edition hit the stage. All six members: Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Ralph, Mike, and Johnny greeted the audience with excitement. They began their segment with the song, "NE Heartbreak," and continued to perform their hits from 1983 to 1996. To add more flavor to their concert, the lead singers of the group, Bobby, Ralph, and Johnny performed their solo smash songs, "Sensitivity," "Stone Cold Gentlemen," "Money Can't Buy You Love," "There You Go," "Rub You The Right Way," "Roni," "My Prerogative," "On Our Own," and "Good Enough," and Ronnie, Mike, and Ricky were BBD when they performed "Poison," “I Thought It Was Me (BBD,") "Do Me," and " When I See Your Smile Again." Audience members were amazed with their costumes, dance moves, and their vocal abilities, especially Bobby aka "The King of the Stage," because he was hitting those high notes again.

The wrap: The group ended the concert with "If It Isn't Love." This event was a night to remember, because New Edition still knows how to keep it hot for their fans. The group celebrated their 30th anniversary in Brooklyn, the hometown of Biggie, Jay-Z, Fabulous, and many others. Even though the group experienced their ups and downs of stardom, professionally and personally, they always know how to bounce back from adversity. New Edition's music continues to impact the lives of many people while fully acknowledging and appreciating their mark in the business.

Much love and respect to NE and Joe!