[Exclusive] Day26 Talks Working in Tough Situations, Being Their Own Machine, Plus New EP ‘The Return’

Day26 has a very simple mission after reforming with all five original members… compromise and be your brother’s keeper. That may sound easy to some, but when you're five guys living in five different places, and trying to make sure you're clicking on all cylinders, it will take a lot of hard work to maintain that goal.

So far, so good though for these talented brothers!

Now off and running with their comeback, Brian, Willie, Robert, Big Mike, and Que released their much-anticipated project, The Return EP, and it’s just what the love doctor ordered. In a time where slow jams are being made for the strip clubs, Day26 delivers eight tender tracks that will woo the heart while infusing that real feeling and emotion back into R&B. Led by the single “BullSh*t” and the remake of the classic Silk record, "Lose Control," this project will definitely help you spice up your romping situation.

Here is what a passionate Willie Taylor told Singersroom about the project:

This EP was done with Hard Work and Determination!!!! Sometimes in life you're faced with things that would make the Average person Quit and in the Day26 Business there are TONS of those things. With so many Odds against Us, sometimes it does get Mentally hard to even want to continue and I'm just being Honest…. But here are some facts, Day26 is made up of some Amazing Singers that don’t always make the right decisions, but Always have the Best at Heart.

We weren't dealt the most Amazing Hand in this game (Music Business) but we Learned from EVERY mistake and we make sure we don’t make those same mistakes again. With 5 Members Living in 5 Different Places it could seem impossible to make things happen the way they need to, but this is how BAD we want to Prove ourselves Worthy of Each and Every Opportunity given to us……. Half of this EP was recorded while we were together in Detroit, but the Other Half was recorded while ALL 5 members were in 5 different States and It was Nothing But HARD WORK, Determination, Pro Tools, and The Internet!!!! Let me Break this down for you…. First off I Thank God that I Was able to Build My Studio In My House because It Served as the Hub for the task that Day26 took on. We would be recording songs all day from different studios and sending all the sessions back to me to clean up and send to mix. I always say it’s easy to get a group together and go to the studio and record a song, but how much harder is it to get a group to do an EP from 5 different Studios while keeping the Chemistry and Harmonies Blended? Doesn’t even sound easy does it? Well It WASN'T, But God Has His Hands On This Group and there is NO Curse Created that can say NO to what God already said YES to!!!!! With all That Being Said I have so much Love for Each and Every One Of Our Fans & Supporters and I truly understand that My Life would not be what It is without YOU, So I want you to embrace this New EP and Book "THE RETURN" and Enjoy every min of it and we welcome ALL Feedback, Because Good or Bad only Makes Us BETTER!!!!! God Best You All!!!!! #YouKnowTheName

Big Mike also chimed in:

This EP is very special to me just because the preparation it took to get it done. The fight and the grind from each member of day26 was phenomenal. This shows exactly what we want to be a representation of us in this industry. The fact that we can now do it all ourselves from the writing of songs to getting them mixed and mastered to coming up with the choreography to go on stage and perform it as well; we literally have our own machine between the five of us. So it's just a blessing to be in this situation again and to be reunited with the guys. We do not take this opportunity for granted. It really drives us to be the best. We got back together for our fans and we promised not to let them down and we plan on keeping that promise with this amazing EP (which is what everyone has been saying)

Listen to The Return and let us know if it tickles your fancy!

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