LOL! Erykah Badu Video-Bombs NY Reporter (Video)

When celebs behave badly…

So here’s the scoop: PIX11′s Mario Diaz was (coincidentally) reporting about one celeb acting up (regarding shenanigans by actor Shia LeBeouf in a NY theater) when a woman in a large hat appeared behind him with a hug smile. After disappearing off screen for a second, she reappeared and tried to give Diaz a smooch…that woman was Erykah Badu!

Raaandom! Check out the awkward video below:

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When the social media-sphere exploded with tweets from viewers who recognized the singer, at first Badu denied the video bomb, but then apologized to Diaz, to which he replied with the tweet "Next time I won't do the NYC push back." In good humor, he also tweeted lyrics from the Prince song "Kiss."

Oh, Erykah, what are we gonna do with you?! lol