Aaliyah’s Cousin Jomo Hankerson: ‘She Would’ve Been Big as Beyonce’

As previously reported, the family of Aaliyah released a statement disapproving of the upcoming Lifetime movie about her life.

And this morning (June 24), Aaliyah's cousin Jomo Hankerson, the son of her uncle and former manager Barry Hankerson’s son, spoke to Jacque Reid on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, explaining just why they aren’t down with the idea.

“They are basing the story on the book but the interviews in the book were more in conjunction with the album that came out at the time. It didn’t include her life. Our real problem is you can have conversations with us…we’re still around,” Hankerson says.

When asked if Aaliyah would have continued her steady rise to superstardom to the point of Beyonce status, Hankerson says he believes so.

“I think she would be at least as big as Beyonce, her career art was through the roof at the time. As you know she had just headlined a major motion picture with Romeo Must Die that debuted a No. 1 at the box office…so I think that the movie career was really gonna explode and she was really finding herself musically. That last album was probably her best album,” he explained.

Do you agree with Hankerson?

Listen to the entire interview here.