Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good [Alternate Version]

Justin Timberlake’s version of “Love Never Felt So Good” has garnered 25 million views on Youtube. Now, one of the video’s chorographers Tone Talauega explains they wanted to recreate the magic with the solo MJ version.

"There was so much magic we had from the original shoot, it was undeniable to create another video for the solo version of Love Never Felt So Good," he explained. He and his brother Rich worked with Michael from 1995 to till his death.

The video features a mixture of clips of MJ iconic videos, mixed in with today’s dancers freestyling on recreations of some of MJ’s most famous video sets.

About the dancers, Rich said, "They're the youth of the day, who probably were just born around the time Michael was in his prime," says Rich. At the same time, the brothers wanted to create a diversity that fit what they knew of Jackson's personal creative vision. "We put together dancers from the technical world, the street world, boys and girls, to create a nice little gumbo of old and new, to create the hybrid that you saw on the video."

"Love Never Felt So Good" was certified gold ealier this week, with 514,000 downloads sold up until this point.