Guess Who Else Auditioned For the Role of Aaliyah? (Video)

While there’s still some Aaliyah fans unsure of the casting choice of actress Zendaya Coleman to play Aaliyah in an upcoming (pending) Lifetime film about her life, check out the qualifications of another candidate: Teyana Taylor!

Yes, the actress/singer went out for the part as well, but took herself out of the running when she found out Aaliyah's family disapproved. However, a friend and choreographer of her leaked audition tapes on his Instagram to show the world how much potential Taylor has to snag the role.

He writes with the clips, “I know teyana is gona be mad at me for posting her audition clips but i honestly feel no one deserves this role more then her . She embraces Aaliyah dancing , acting and singing. (Which I'll be posting all 3parts) but unfortunately @teyanataylor heard that Aaliyah's family isn't involved & she no longer wanted to be apart of the film. Here's part 1 The dancing.

Another factoid: Just like Zendaya, Taylor also dressed as Aaliyah for Halloween last year (Via Instagram pic above.)

Do you think Taylor had the potential to snag the role?