Tevin Campbell Electrifies With His String of Hits in New York City

On Saturday, June 14th, 5x Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and actor Tevin Campbell performed LIVE at BB Kings. Everyone knew what time it was when this slim and handsome man stepped on stage. Audience members were ready to see the R&B superstar perform his classics.

Tevin's performance was delayed but it surely wasn't denied. If anyone questioned Campbell's singing abilities before, they were heavily informed that night. Some speculated in the past that he wouldn't have what it takes to still sing gracefully on stage.

The Texas native began his segment with the up-tempo New Jack Swing song "Strawberry Letter 23," taking NYC back in time when he released his solo debut, T.E.V.I.N.

Once he began to sing, he shut any naysayers’ mouth up immediately. Tevin was still hitting those high notes left and right, especially when he sang his signature song, "Can We Talk?" This record is Tevin's biggest hit to date, and is still a song that everyone can relate to when they're trying to impress the man or woman of their dreams. The record, "Can We Talk," was more than likely the introductory phrase for gents who were unsure about what to say to ladies when they are meeting her for the first time.


Tevin also performed his other smash hits, "Tell Me What You Want Me to Do," "I'm Ready," "Always in My Heart," "Could It Be," "Dandelion," and "Back to the World." He also performed the unreleased funky cut, "Addicted to her Love." Even though the song wasn't recognized as a common tune for Tevin, fans were extremely receptive. And to show his love and appreciation to the fans, he asked the audience what they wanted him to sing and of course, he ended his segment with the songs, "Round and Round," and the sensual ballad, "Shhh (Break It Down)." The song, "Shh (Break it Down)," was the perfect song for those who are trying to have a private affair with their significant other. Couples will more than likely play this record when they have a "Do not Disturb" sign on their door.

NYC natives enjoyed Tevin's performance because his voice is still untouchable after 20 years later. Until he records new material, fans will continue to soak up his classics. This concert was excellent for those who value and appreciate R&B music from the 90's.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images)