Aaliyah’s Family Opposes Film; Keke Palmer Comes to Zendaya’s Defense

This is turning into quite the controversy!

Yesterday, it was reported that fans of Aaliyah fans were so upset that a Lifetime biopic about the life of the fallen singer will take place, that they started a petition to stop the production. According to thousands of comments, the main fear of fans was that the movie would go against the family’s wishes.

Now according to TMZ, it’s been reported the family have come out saying they are NOT pleased with the movie, one of the reasons being supposedly because of the same reason the family of Whitney Houston’s family is upset: her life story is simply too big for the small screen.

TMZ says Aaliyah’s uncle and former manager, Barry Hankerson is upset because no one contacted them about the movie, and are ready to take legal action to stop its release.

Meanwhile, KeKe Palmer (friend of actress Zendaya Coleman who’s been cast to play the late singer) went on a Twitter rant towards those who disagree with the casting choice, urging people to support her fellow actresses’ new role. In a series of tweets, KeKe writes:

“Support the young ppl coming up y’all….I’ll never forget how I was unmercifully dragged when I was casted to play Chili lmao! Now, that’s all I hear I look like! Zendaya is perfect for Aaliyah. Quit playin’. So if you looking for me to be angry & hateful, I can’t help you. All I can offer is understanding & compassion & I don’t have time for hating anyone. I ain’t got nothing but love to give. She didn’t put the project together, she just auditioned & got it. You know? Having said that, I don’t think the actor is the one they should be attacking….What is written is written. If you’re doing it, it is for you. Forget what everyone else says. I know from experience that it is not fun being attacked for doing what you love. Watch the movie first!”

In related news, Zendaya was on 106&Park yesterday (June 17), on which she confirms production will indeed move forward. Revealing the news to hosts Bow Wow and Keshia Chante (awkward moment!…as it was thought for some time the part would go to her her), Zen gets emotional when speaking of portraying Aaliyah.

“I’m really excited because this is something that I worked really hard on and I auditioned for, and I was really, really psyched to hear the news. ..I’m getting nervous saying it. I love her so much and the fact that anybody — I don’t know if anybody’s seen my videos or anything but she’s influenced so much of what I’ve done so far that just being able to be her…I watch all her interviews and all her music videos…[The film] is based off a book that was written about her called ‘More Than a Woman,’ so I’m really excited because I think that it’s going to be really awesome. It’s just about honoring her life and all the amazing things she did in only a short span of time.” She continues, “I’m getting like, wig fittings and stuff like that because I want to make sure it’s transformed completely and people are able to see her.”

Watch Zen on 106&Park below (starting at the 3:35 mark).

With the film moving forward and fans and the family opposing it, the plot thickens…