Wendy Williams Bans, Shames Justin Bieber: ‘I Have A Strong Dislike’

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams is tired of Justin Bieber and can't wait until he just goes away.

Discussing the "Boyfriend" singer during her hot topics segment Monday, Williams vowed not to talk about Bieber for the rest of her current season — This after referring to Bieber as a "jerk, but a cute jerk," "honey," "my girl" and "you better work girl."

"I just… When is he going away? … Oh I hate him. I don't hate him, because I don't hate anybody, but I have a strong dislike for Justin Bieber and so therefore, I am not talking about him anymore, until September 15, when we come back for season six," Williams said. "I'm sure he'll act up over the Summer and there will be something to talk about."

Watch video below starting at 16:11.