Tink – Used 2 Know / Time

If you didn’t know, Tink is about to blow!

The Chicago singer/rapper has been buzzing in the industry with her mixtape Winter’s Diary 2 and the Jeremih-collab "Don’t Tell Nobody." So much so, Timbaland swooped her up to produce her debut album.

Her steady rise from the harsh surroundings to music notoriety is addressed in her new song and video for “Used 2 Know.” In the clip, she travels to Miami to work with Timbo, and while doing so, reflects on people in her life who’ve either changed, or new “family” who has popped up since her newfound success.

She told Billboard: “To have Timbaland invite me in, and say that 'I want to work with you' is amazing. He’s a legend. He worked with people I grew up listening and watching [like] Aaliyah and Missy Elliott. I've seen him work with Justin [Timberlake]. For him to see something in little me, motivated me so much.”

With “lyric-spitter” as one of her titles, Tink is a voice for the ladies, but wants to avoid all the stereotypes of female rappers. “They expect you to have a big booty,” she continues in her interview with Billboard about female rappers. “They expect you to walk in with six-inch heels. They stereotype us and they have a small lane set up for female rappers …It’s never like, 'I heard this rapper Tink.' It's always, 'I heard a female rapper.' They put us in a box. The lane is so small and narrow. I just want to break it down because it's about the music. I got a responsibility. I want to bring us back, and put us in the game.”

Read the entire Billboard interview here and peep the clip above.

Also below, check the video for the song "Time" from her mixtape Winter's Diary 2.

I'm tellin' you…watch out for this girl!

Photo via Billboard