Jennifer Lopez Drops ‘Booty,’ Talks New Album: ‘Just Enjoy The Music’

Jennifer Lopez has a little something for everybody, including a track called "Booty," on her forthcoming album, "A.K.A."

Ahead of the album's release, Tuesday, Lopez has kept her name out there in a variety of ways, including a Billboard cover story, a performance at the World Cup, an eye opening video teaser for "Booty" and an open and honest interview with the Los Angeles Times.

In the latter, Lopez details the struggle to create "A.K.A," which features contributions from Chris Brown, Detail, Harmony Samuels, RoccStar and Pitbull.

"I did a couple of dance records and people want me to do a dance album. Or they think I should go back to being 'Jenny From the Block,' Lopez told the LA Times. "I am dance, I am pop, I am R&B, I am hip-hop, I am Latin, I am 'Jenny From the Block.' But I am also 'Jenny From Rodeo Drive.' It was about embracing all those things musically, everything about me emotionally, and putting that into lyrics and sound for this album."

Admitting that she and past label, Epic, were "not in sync," Lopez went on to say "I'm the same person, but I'm stronger now."

"There's a different strength to me than there was from my first album. I'm the same girl, I'm the same person, but I'm stronger now. I've grown up, and I like to think I'm a little bit better now," she said before breaking into laughter. "But you don't have to analyze it. Just enjoy the music."

Watch J. Lo's "Booty" teaser for "A.K.A." in the clip below.

"A.K.A.," including the Summer hit "First Love," drops tomorrow, June 17.