Ameriie Talks Rihanna’s Infamous CFDA Dress

Ameriie is the latest celebrity asked to comment on Rihanna's infamous see-through sheer dress, which she rocked at the recent CFDA while picking up her 2014 Fashion Icon Award.

“When I first saw the picture, I was like oh my goodness I love it, it looks amazing,” Ameriie told UK’s Capital FM radio.

"When it comes to Rihanna, I feel like she’s very free and she’s unafraid to express herself,” Ameriie further explains. "Now, I don’t think that means everyone should wear that or everyone should do this because everyone is [there own] individual. I’m very big on women having choices and not being sexualized, and not being relegated to being desexualized either. I think it really has to come to whether you’re true to yourself."

She adds: "I really feel like Rihanna does what she wants to do, and it feels really authentic to me."

But don’t expect Ameriie to be as bold as Rihanna on the red carpet. She says she wouldn’t wear that dress because of her "personal preference."

Ameriie also championed other women, insisting, “You have to be in charge of what you wear on your body and you have to be comfortable with it. As long as you’re true to yourself, that’s it.”

We can dig that!

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