Album Cover: Marsha Ambrosius’ ‘Friends & Lovers’

Simple: that’s what the cover is for Marsha Ambrosius’ sophomore album, Lovers & Friends.

With just a white background and red lips, which provide the space for the LP’s title, the cover takes a backseat to what the music will be (if the rest of the songs are anything like the emotional first single “Run”).

Lovers & Friends will drop on July 15, and will feature production from Pop & Oak, Da Internz, and Eric Hudson. Pre-order of the album will begin on June 23.

“Honestly and openly, the expressions of a woman, a very honest woman, and I’m not taking any prisoners,” Ambrosius told Rap-Up TV (so maybe the juicy, gritty content WILL, in fact, be quality enough to balance out the simple artwork!).