Jesus Christ Superstar, ft. Michelle Williams, Canceled Due to Ticket Sales

Jesus Christ Superstar, the arena tour featuring Michelle Williams and Jc Chasez, was canceled due to what a promoter calls "horrific" ticket sales.

The ambitious tour, which would have had Williams, Chasez and more on the road touring North America for over two months, with a total of 54 cities, was completely canceled last week because people were not as interested as organizers thought.

"We realized we had a problem the day we went on sale," promoter Michael Cohl shared with Billboard days after pulling the plug on the tour and shocking the cast, who had been rehearsing for the first show. "We all worked very hard reinventing things, rethinking things, fighting the good fight. And it just got to the point … Look, it is a business, let’s face it. We had to make the right business decision."

Expressing shock, cast took to Twitter last week to share disappointment over what was to be a highlight of their year. According to Cohl, the project was risky from the start, even with the cast booked.

“We’ve questioned a thousand things–if we had gone with one or two lead superstars, if we had gone with a cheaper ticket price,” says Cohl. “We knew that this was a very risky project … We thought we had a shot.”