Sheer Dress Gate: TLC Slams Rihanna For Being “Naked,” Rihanna Fires Back With “THOT”

Ever since Rihanna rocked a see through dress on the CFDA red carpet on Monday night, she’s had her supporters and detractors. And, by now, it’s well known that if you just so much mention the “Stay” singer, her (and her Navy) will most definitely respond in some way.

R&B group TLC are the most recent brave souls to publicly mention Rihanna’s boob-baring ensemble in an unfavorable light, and RiRi of course clapped back. In an Australian interview with Sunrise Australia, Chilli and T-Boz, the remaining members of the 90s girl group, accused Rihanna of using sex to gain attention and sell records. In the interview, T-Boz said:

“Everytime I see you, you don’t have to be naked. And it’s hard for us to say anything cause any time we say something, it’s “TLC, oh they must be jealous!” First of all, let me say this. It is what it is. I call a spade a spade, okay? We sold and became the biggest girl selling group of all time, with our clothes on. That says a lot. It’s easy to sell sex. We can go around with boobie cakes [breasts] all day long. They’re small. We don’t have a lot, but they’re still boobie cakes!”

Watch the said interview below:

Well! That was enough for RiRi to respond. Basically calling them hypocrites, she posted photos of an old pic of TLC going topless with the caption, When there’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well…they’re them…Phuck what a old thot gotta say.” The pic is currently her Twitter header.

Wow, did she have to call them “thots” though? Does TLC or Rihanna make the better argument? Sound off!



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