Songwriter Demands Royalties for Tamar Braxton’s ‘One On One Fun’

Uh oh, someone’s coming for Tamar’s coins!

Songwriter Emmi Kozulin is suing Tamar Braxton, claiming Tae Tae used Kozulin’s vocals on the song “One On One Fun” from the Braxton’s latest album Love and War.

According to TMZ, Kozulin says she co-wrote the song with Angela Hunte, then recorded a solo version of the song. Hunte then licensed out the lyrics to Tamar (which is ok by all legalities), but Kozulin said Tamar’s version features vocals from her solo recording. Also, while Hunte is listed on the credits of Tamar’s album, Kozulin isn’t, and she’s asking for 50% of royalties plus damages.

A rep for Braxton says the legal dispute is between Kozulin and the producer, and Tamar “has nothing to do with” the situation.

Yup, seems like the beef is between Kozulin and Diplo, not Tamar. What y'all think, Roomies?