Wendy Williams: Rihanna Is No Fashion Icon, Talks Revealing Sheer Dress

Rihanna might have received a fashion icon award, but the "Pour It Up" and "We Ride" singer is no fashion icon according to entertainment maven Wendy Williams.

Discussing Rihanna and the dress she chose to wear at the CFDA Fashion Awards Tuesday, Williams not only named who she believes is worthy of the Fashion Icon Award, but why she thinks Rihanna needs to leave dresses like this at home.

"She was honored with the 2014 Fashion Icon Award. She was showing all booty crack and all areola. (But) you wanna know what? She's got a really terrific body, and she's a really beautiful girl, but as far as I'm concerned, she's totally inappropriate for walking out of the house with this outfit on," Williams says in video below.

Claiming that Rihanna is more of a "risk taker," Williams went on to say "I don't really consider her a fashion icon. And there's nothing wrong with that. I think that Jennifer Lopez is a fashion icon. Jennifer Lopez shows you just enough to leave you wanting more, which is what a lady does."