Michael Jackson’s Bodyguards Write Tell-All Book

As public as Michael Jackson’s life was, he often went through great lengths to keep some privacy for himself, and ultimately still led a life of mystery to outsiders.

Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard were bodyguards of Jackson for 2.5 years, and saw an intimate glimpse into Jackson’s life that few got to see. As the 5th anniversary of Jackson’s death approaches, Whitfield and Beard released a book titled “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days,” which reveals bits about their mega-star boss that most people didn’t get to know.

Beginning in 2006, the two bodyguards safeguarded the King of Pop by planning ways to keep him out of harm's way, even guarding him from his own family, which Jackson requested. The guards say Jackson suffered from paranoia, and even had a girlfriend.

“He was always going around the house at 3 [or] 4 in the morning, checking locks on all the doors,” recalls Whitfield, who notes that Jackson “trusted no one” and “didn’t sleep much.” Also according to Whitfield, MJ requested he pick up a person he called “friend” from the airport. He later found out the woman was MJ’s secret girlfriend.

A common first impression of a tell-all book would be to assume it’s for deplorable reasons, to only make money from revealing secrets, especially of a deceased person. But the book is getting great reviews.

Says one reviewer: “When you first see a book about Michael Jackson, you think ‘all right, who wants to tell ridiculous stories to make money off him now?’ But this book is the opposite of that. It's as if the men telling this story are actually still protective of Michael Jackson, and want to clarify the hype by letting you in on the side of MJ that was real.”

Hmm, seems like an intriguing read!

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