It’s Trigga Season! Trey Songz Reveals ‘Trigga’ Tracklist, Plus Summer Jam Performance (Video)

July 1 is the day Trey Songz returns to woo the ladies and set clubs across the country ablaze with his new album Trigga, and with about a month to go, he reveals the track list and the many artists features to accompany him. West coast’s rising round-the-way-girl Mila J shows up on a song called "Disrepectful" (sounds like a must hear!), while Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign make cameos as well. Even Justin Bieber will grace the remix to the previously released “Foreign” (…that should be interesting).

Check the tracks below:

1. “Cake”
2. “Foreign”
3. “Na Na
4. “Touchin, Lovin”
5. “Disrespectful” feat. Mila J
6. “Dead Wrong” feat. Ty Dolla $ign
7. “All We Do”
8 .”Foreign (Remix)” feat. Justin Bieber
9 .”Late Night” feat. Juicy J
10. “SmartPhones
11. “Yes, No, Maybe”
12. “Y.A.S”
13. “Change Your Mind”

Deluxe Edition

14. “What’s Best for You”
15. “Love Around the World”
16. “I Know (Can’t Get Back)”
17. “Mr. Steal Your Girl”

Plus, catch Trey’s full set at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam below: